Meet @danieesaur!

Danielle Espinoza known as Danie released her new EP Bittersweet last month. She said in an IG post, “This is the 1st project I’ve ever recorded live/with a band. As a solo artist, I’m used to writing/recording alone. What an amazing experience it was sonically picking what equipment to use, & who I wanted to be a part of this. I wanted an authentic, aged, phat, vintage sound to embody my love for music & how I feel like I’ve lived so many lives in just this one.” We can confirm the EP is all of those things and more! You can hear all the uniqueness the EP has to offer from just the first song. “I Don’t Know Why” already has over 21,000 streams on @spotify and we expect many more to come.

Danie was also featured on a mini-documentary created by @drmartensusa directed by @ambarbecutie in November. It highlights Latinx creatives and features Danie and her story of being an artist in the Latinx community. The doc also features her songs, “I Don’t Know Why,” “No Lookin Away,” and “I Don’t Know Why” (acoustic version). It is a must-watch!

You can stream Bittersweet on all streaming platforms today and watch her official music video for “I Don’t Know Why” below!