Meet @alfrednomad !

Alfred Nomad is an artist, activist, & TONE co-founder creating his own path as an artist and curator. He recently dropped his single ‘Spaced Out’ in January. The song and visual both explain a story of what healthy boundaries mean in a relationship.

On top of creating his music, he is also solidifying this streaming platform called TONE, a creative community-based streaming platform providing diverse visual art and content. It is meant to show creatives art without having to compete with the world for attention and set their values on their creations. This just proves to us how Alfred sets apart from other artists as he genuinely cares about the art and the artists behind it and makes sure what he is doing is also benefiting other creatives! 

Watch the full video for ‘Spaced Out’ HERE. And if you are in the LA area watch Alfred Nomad Sunday, May 29th as part of Label Squadz day at @nextfestla at the @lacountyfair!